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I am a documentary filmmaker and currently produce videos for The Atlantic magazine in Washington, D.C. I have always been fascinated by the natural world, and have covered such topics as tree-sitting, wildland firefighting, illegal gold mining, and wildlife poaching.


di Sam Price-Waldman (Washington, USA)

In 2011, Foster Huntington created the #vanlife Instagram hashtag, and unexpectedly spawned hundreds of thousands of posts and a family of eager followers. It became a community of like-minded individuals who delight in the kind of adventure you can only get by traveling through the wilderness in a clunky, decades-old vehicle. In this documentary, we follow a group of #vanlife enthusiasts to uncover what the lifestyle means to them.

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My latest documentary focuses on a subculture of people who live and travel out of o ld Volkswagon vans, to connect more deeply with the outdoors, and to experience adventure outside the routine of everyday life. The movement started on Instagram but in many ways is a rebellion against social media.

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